Improving Prediction & Translation of ADC Toxicities to Drive More Tolerable ADCs Successfully Into & Through Clinical Development

Welcome to the 2nd ADC Toxicity Summit

Preventing, Predicting and Mitigating ADC Toxicities

Toxicities continue to pose the most significant challenge in the progression of antibody-drug conjugates to the clinic, and with increasing companies entering into the ADC space and tackling toxicity, there is ever-increasing target and indication-competition. Considering the significant clinical setbacks witnessed in 2023, the demand to better understand the translatability of toxicities and develop more tolerable ADCs for achieving future clinical triumphs only grows stronger.

By addressing translational challenges and tackling off-target toxicities, the 2nd ADC Toxicity Summit is returning at an imperative time to allow you to prevent, predict and mitigate toxicities in order to design and develop ADCs with a wider therapeutic index and progress them to the clinic.

Join 80+ of your colleagues from Pfizer, Merck, ImmunoGen, Mersana, Daiichi Sankyo, AbbVie and more, to discuss shared challenges with ADC toxicities from in vitro all the way to the clinic. Hear from experts in toxicology and translational sciences as they disclose never-heard before toxicity data, share insights into optimal in vivo models for predictability, investigate the use of biomarkers for patient specific ADC prescription and introduce innovative strategies to transform the ADC landscape to increase therapeutic index.

Join us in uniting the leading minds in ADC toxicology, offering actionable insights to unlock the full potential of predicting and mitigating toxicities in ADC development and addressing unmet needs head-on across three days of highly focused contentDon’t miss out!

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Angiex Inc. is a privately held biotech startup whose mission is to exploit newly discovered biological transport mechanisms to make drugs with revolutionary power over cancer. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Angiex was founded by a scientific team of leading experts in angiogenesis, vascular biology, and oncology.

What Your Peers Have to Say:

“Solving toxicity problems for ADCs has been a long standing challenge for new ADC developments. However, opportunities for experts to gather, discuss and share their expertise in the field of ADC toxicity has been scarce. Thus, this summit will be a wonderful chance for many ADC developers, including myself.”

Doo Young Jung, CEO & Founder, PinotBio

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