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The 2023 Event Has Run: Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us at the ADC Toxicity Summit. If you are interested in the 2024 event, please get in touch at info@hansonwade.com

Welcome to the Inaugural ADC Toxicity Summit

Delivering More Tolerable ADCs to Patients

Toxicity remains the single biggest hurdle in getting ADCs to market, and drug developers are striving to develop safer antibody drug conjugates while keeping efficacy high. Although ADCs have come far, there are still more advancements to be made, highlighted by the blockbuster Enhertu and the recently approved Elahere, both containing Black Box Warnings.

Created for all key stakeholders in this conversation, from pathology and toxicology to translation, nonclinical and clinical development, the ADC Toxicity Summit was the first and only event dedicated to providing case-study-led presentations and interactive discussions, enabling attendees to hold all the information needed to maximize therapeutic windows, from discovery to early clinical.

From finding optimal in vivo and in vitro models, managing and mitigating toxicities in the clinic, to finding ideal ADC design and dosage regimes, the ADC Toxicity Summit armed attendees with all they needed to widen their therapeutic windows and get therapies to market faster.

2023 Attendees Included:

ALX Oncology
Mersana Therapeutics
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Merck & Co
Loxo Oncology
Eli Lilly & Co.
Exelixis No B
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Tacalyx GmbH
OBI Pharma
NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc
MBrace Therapeutics
Zentalis Pharmaceuticals
Angiex Inc. is a privately held biotech startup whose mission is to exploit newly discovered biological transport mechanisms to make drugs with revolutionary power over cancer. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Angiex was founded by a scientific team of leading experts in angiogenesis, vascular biology, and oncology.

2023 Expert Speaking Faculty Included:

What Your Peers Have to Say:

“An outstanding must-attend ADC Toxicity conference, with excellent networking, incredible science, and great speakers from both academic and biopharmaceutical sectors, offering exciting research and case studies on understanding the critical toxicity issues and mitigation strategies”

Rakesh Dixit, Bionavigen

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As part of the World ADC series - a platform that plows its collective energy into sourcing the insights you need. We investigate the most challenging problems facing the industry; source the leading experts who have game-changing solutions; and distill this into accessible formats of information exchange – for you. From globally leading conferences to webinars and industry reports, whatever the information you need,  ADC Toxicity Summit can offer you the insights you need to accelerate your ADC drug development into the clinic through to market.

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