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What to Know About the 2nd ADC Toxicity Summit

The 2nd ADC Toxicity Summit returns for a second year as the only ADC event that purely focuses on improving prediction and translation of ADC toxicities from preclinical studies through to the clinic.

By gaining deeper insights into the mechanisms underlying specific toxicities, the translation of these toxicities from in vitro to in vivo settings, as well as investigating alternative models for toxicity evaluation, stay ahead of this evolving field to steer you towards IND and BLA approval.

Considering the insights into overcoming in vivo and in vitro translational challenges, as well as the clinical perspectives into mitigating and managing toxicities, there has never been a better time to attend the 2nd ADC Toxicity Summit . Hear from the leading minds in ADC toxicology and join the dedicated community to engage in in-depth conversations to make meaningful strides forward in developing safer ADCs to advance them to clinic and improve patient outcomes.

Join Your Peers to:

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Improve predictability of ADC-related toxicities from In Vivo to clinical settings with Takeda and Mersana Therapeutics, delving into optimal In Vivo models and NHP translatability evaluation.

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Enhance the therapeutic index of your ADC by exploring the relationship between linker stability and toxicity profiles, including payload release and tissue-specific toxicities, with Pfizer and Iksuda Therapeutics.

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Facilitate earlier prediction of ADC toxicities with higher translatability through the potential of In Vitro assays whilst understanding underlying mechanisms alongside Merck.

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Address the NHP shortage by refining In Vivo toxicity study designs and exploring alternative humanized mouse models for improved clinical toxicity prediction, in collaboration with AbbVie and Pfizer.

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Understand ADC toxicities in clinic and investigate potential biomarkers for improved tolerability and patient selection strategies with ImmunoGen and Daiichi Sankyo.

Who Will You Meet?

Uniting over 80 experts spanning toxicology, pathology, translational sciences, preclinical development, pharmacology, and biology, this exclusive gathering fosters profound discussions aimed at advancing the development of safer ADCs. Join with this niche community over 3 days and leverage collective expertise to drive progress in the prevention of toxicities.

What Your Peers Had to Say:


“The conference focused on a critical topic which is not adequately covered in published literature. The speakers covered both program specific and more general aspects of ADC toxicity. Companies are often not willing to discuss toxicity but the speakers disclosed previously unpublished aspects of their work. Overall a very worthwhile three days.” - Philip Huxley, Vice President, Oncology, Bicycle Therapeutics

“This was a great conference and was a nice size which facilitated lots of networking and interaction.” - Estelle McLean, Team Leader, Almac

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“It was a great opportunity to exchanges with peers in the field of ADC development and with experts in the field.” - Frederique Brune, Managing Director, Mablink

“Real tox data influencing the drug development, and retrospective analysis for tox events and drug development” - Katsu Ishida, Senior Director, Toxicology, Mersana