2023 Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshop A

9:00 am Advancing your ADC Candidates Into the Clinic Faster with Improved Preclinical Models for Identifying Toxicity


A major challenge in ADC drug development is knowing what animal models will cross react with your ADC candidate, and how well these models will pick up toxicity to translate into your clinic which can cause costly and deadly delays to clinical programs. Take part in this deep dive session to learn all about in vivo model selection specific to your ADC candidates to identify potential safety concerns.

What this workshop will cover:

  • Outlining challenges in current in vivo model translatability and model selection for translatability of toxicities into humans
  • Setting up nonclinical safety studies with model selection in mind including in vitro designs
  • Understanding how to set up IND enabling safety studies to best support your clinical design

Workshop B

1:00 pm Identifying Primary Targets of Off-Target Toxicity & Outlining the ADC Toxicity Landscape


It can be challenging to identify off-target toxicities and determine how they may translate when moving into the clinic. Join this workshop to hear insights from those with developed ADCs on how to monitor and manage off-target toxicities, from early development to phase I.

What this workshop will cover:

  • Understanding side-effects of cell permeable payloads and related toxicities
  • Targeting toxicities to organs that can better take the hit to manage in the clinic
  • Learnings from previous ADCs in the clinic, and translating these learnings to developing ADCs

Companies That Attended the 2023 Workshop Day:

Mablink Bioscience Logo
Obi Pharma
Exelixis No B
NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Zentalis Pharmaceuticals
Mersana Therapeutics