Why Partner?

With 14 ADCs approved, and a predicted new record high number of new trials for 2023, the ADC space is most certainly heating up. However, toxicities still remain the single biggest limiting factor in getting these developing ADCs to market, and even approved ADCs including Enhertu and Elahere come with black box warnings.

From understanding mechanisms of action, translating in vivo and in vitro data to humans, to optimizing early phase dosage regimes and managing toxicities in the clinic, ADC developers need the support of service providers with toxicological expertize to understand the mode of toxicity and the translatability from the preclinical to clinical settings. Your support can arm biopharma to make the correct design, preclinical, and dosage decisions to ensure they are developing ADCs with the widest therapeutic index possible.

The ADC toxicity Summit is the first and only event of its kind, dedicated to bringing together key stakeholders directly involved in identifying, quantifying and mitigating from toxicities, thus providing you with the platform to meet with the experts responsible for using your services.

As the market for ADCs continues to grow, now is the perfect time to set yourself as the go to service provider for overcoming toxicological related ADC development challenges.

We will work with you to provide a unique partnership package, perfectly tailored to your specific commercial objectives so please get in touch with sponsor@hansonwade.com to learn more!

Benefits of Partnering With Us:

Showcase your expertise to leading organizations by securing an exhibition booth

Secure a spot on our expert speaker faculty to demonstrate thought leadership and drive brand exposure

Maximize the balance of content and networking to generate leads and build new relationships with industry pioneers

Meet your 202 commercial objectives and educate decision-makers on how your expertise can help with their ADC Toxicological challenges