Why Partner?

Seize the opportunity to present your cutting-edge investigative toxicity services to our highly focused audience of toxicology experts from the ADC world!

As toxicities remain a major hurdle in ADC development, global drug developers are actively seeking ways to enhance their in vitro and in vivo models to improve the translatability, predictability, and mitigation of ADC-related toxicities, therefore being able to reliably advance their ADC candidates into clinical settings with reduced toxicity. From unravelling mechanisms of on-target off-tumour toxicities to translating in vivo and in vitro findings, ADC developers are in search of solution providers to streamline their translational pathways, with the goal of enhancing therapeutic index and refining asset prioritization.

Bringing together decision-makers in toxicology, pathology, translational science, preclinical development, pharmacology, and biology, this Summit is dedicated to fostering the creation of more tolerable ADCs. This presents a prime opportunity for you to showcase your innovative solutions to an audience actively seeking optimization strategies for their candidates.

Our Current Partners for 2024:

thera technologies

Experts Need Your Help With:

  • Bridging the translational gap through “organ-on-a-chip” in vitro assays of toxicity shown in humans to ensure that preclinical toxicity findings accurately predict clinical outcomes
  • Evaluation of in vitro toxicities through cytotoxicity assays for analysis of the potency of specific ADCs, for asset prioritization
  • Pre-clinical PKPD modelling services to recognise toxicity profile and predict dose-response relationships, in order for optimal dose predictivity & decisions on DAR
  • Reliable and translatable In Vivo screening platforms for specific modes of toxicity, including tissue cross-reactivity and safety pharmacology

Benefits of Partnering With Us:

Showcase your expertise to leading organizations by securing an exhibition booth

Expand commercial prospects by educating decision-makers in the ADC toxicity realm about your scientific prowess. Showcase how your innovative solutions can contribute to the development of safer ADCs.

Establish thought leadership in front of our audience of 80+ stakeholders in the ADC world. Highlight precisely how your offerings enhance toxicity translatability and solicit technical feedback to refine your products

Boost your brand exposure and fortify current partnerships with toxicity experts in the ADC industry by networking with technically proficient individuals who can champion your services.

Who Will You Meet?

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