Targeting Sortilin (SORT1) to Unlock the Potential of Peptide Drug Conjugates (PDCs) in Oncology: Rapid Internalization Within Minutes with Unique Multimodal MOA and Safety Profile

Time: 10:00 am
day: Conference Day 1


  • Understand the rationale for targeting the SORT1 receptor in cancer
  • Discuss the unique toxicity profile of sudocetaxel zendusortide (TH1902), the lead PDC from Theratechnologies’ SORT1+ Technology™ platform, that differs substantially from the safety profile of taxanes, due to the multimodal MOA of the conjugate and the low levels of free circulating docetaxel
  • Discuss how this multifaceted MOA with improved safety profile can lead to prolonged regression of disease and enable combinations with ADCs, PDCs and other anti-cancer therapies
  • Discuss the ongoing phase I clinical development of sudocetaxel zendusortide, focusing on dose optimization