Melissa Schutten

Melissa Schutten

Company: Pfizer

Job title: Senior Director, Pathology


Workshop A: Selecting an ADC Target Receptor to Reduce On-Target Off-Tumor Toxicities 9:00 am

Discovering a way to direct more of your ADC towards the tumor and less onto the organ of toxicity and off-tumor receptor sites will allow for a huge increase of your ADC candidates’ therapeutic index. Take part in this deep dive into ADC target selection to learn how to select the correct target receptor, resulting…Read more

day: Workshop Day

Sharing Data on Pre-Clinical Toxicity Results Upon Use of Cleavable vs Non-Cleavable Linkers 10:00 am

Understanding the relationship of linker stability to tissue-specific toxicities Optimizing linker stability to improve the toxicity profile of ADCs. Leveraging knowledge of linkers for the development of novel ADCsRead more

day: Conference Day 2

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